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Selfie stick

As the time goes by, more and more people choose to use camera or cellphone to take photoes in everywhere and every moment to remember what they had done in that moment , but difficult problem is when we want to take a photo with many people, how can we make sure that all people's perfectly showing can be in the frame, so let me tell you, selfie stick works!!!

Professional Ball head

Leofoto professional ball head like most of majorities professional ball head , it can be 360°rotation , easy to operate and makes you feel comfortable when you are taking photos. It can be reached most of Photographer’s demands because of it’s max loading :6kgs. In additional, the damping screw can be adjusted by Photographer’s to fit the most comfortable feeling when taking photos.

Professional Tripod

Leofoto professional tripod series ,owns unique and outlook design ,100% carbon fiber tube and delicate design makes itself more lighter and but still steady, It can be easily opened and folded in a short time, very convenient to carry with a tripod bag because of it can be folded in a compact way